Ernest Sports ES12 Golf Launch Monitor
Ernest Sports ES12 Golf Launch Monitor

Ernest Sports ES12 Golf Launch Monitor


  • Compact in size, big on accuracy
  • Easy to use and store
  • Free app provides instant shot data
  • Designed for every golfer

ES12 Golf Launch Monitor

From junior golfers to scratch golfers, this system brings new life to your practice sessions by providing the data needed to analyze, track and improve your game!

ES12 Launch Monitor Features

Skills Challenge- Gamify your improvement and challenge your skills.
Club Gapping- See your averages by club and track improvements over time.
Course Caddy- Club recommendation based on past perferomance.
Club Selection- Analyze shot data by club.

ES12 Free App

Make your practice sessions purposeful by tracking and analyzing your practice sessions with the included ES12 app. Using the app, you can connect your smartphone or tablet directly to the ES12 via Bluetooth. Data from each shot will be displayed on the LCD screen while also being displayed and stored on your smartphone or tablet.

Access your own shot distance data anywhere with your ES12 app to give you insight into optimal club selection. Using the Course Caddy feature in the app, you can input the distance from the flagstick and the ES12 will provide a club recommendation based on the logged range sessions and past performance of each club in your bag.

ES12 Launch Monitor Set Up

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