Tour Links Putting Greens

Since 2001, Tour Links has led the industry in premier putting green systems. Throughout the globe, golfers everywhere know the quality of Tour Links putting greens. Using a patented modular design, the putting greens are simple to install in any setting.

What makes Tour Links different is their lightweight, molded panels that flow easily over any type of outdoor terrain. Whether you’re a novice golfer or a professional, Tour Links delivers quality and durability in putting greens. In addition, the company’s superior customer service offers excellent support for all customers.

Tour Links offers several sizes in putting greens, for every golfer’s needs. The company offers exceptional quality in larger putting greens for advanced golfers. In contrast, they also offer training putting greens for newbie golfers.

Popular Tour Links Putting Greens

Tour Links Training Aid Putting Green

The Tour Links Training Aid Putting Green is one of the best entry-level putting greens around. Available in 9 ft. and 13 ft. lengths, you’ll love practicing on this putting green. There are a number of exciting features included in this training putting green. For example, the foam contour pads and the cup-reducing ring help you improve your skills.

Tour Links 4’x10′ Indoor/Outdoor Putting Green

The Tour Links 4’x10′ Indoor/Outdoor Putting Green offers 40 square feet of putting green surface area. This full-size putting green offers enough room for two golfers to practice. The high-impact polymer construction is durable and designed to last.  The bump rail along the perimeter of the putting green helps make sure your ball doesn’t roll off the green.

Tour Links 6’x12′ Birdie Maker Golf Putting Green

If you’re looking for a putting green with a larger surface area, take a look at the Tour Links 6’x12′ Birdie Maker Putting Green. This putting green keeps you on your game indoors, even when the weather outdoors isn’t great. The patented design makes self-installation easy, too. Get prepared and practice this winter with this putting green. You’ll impress when it’s time to get out on the real greens!

Floating Cup Assembly

One great feature of Tour Links’s putting greens is the floating cup assembly. Many inexpensive putting greens may expand, contract, or shrink over time. Therefore, Tour Link created an innovative floating cup technology to keep the cup in place. You’ll always have a clean, round hole in the center of your green!

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