Putting Greens

Every golfer needs a putting green! They serve as a means for golfing practice, composed of section(s) of green turf. There are a large selection of sizes. Additionally, they feature a hole marked by a flag.

Available in both indoor and outdoor models, putting greens allows golfers to continue to improve their golf skills while they’re not on the course. They come in various lengths and sizes for golfers of every skill level.

Types of Turf Used for Putting Greens

Most options consist of an artificial turf material, which requires little to no upkeep or maintenance. If you select a real grass model, you’ll need to put in a lot of work.

Though it’s artificial, each putting green is designed to simulate natural golfing conditions as much as possible. The materials used may vary between different manufacturers, however, most artificial models are made from polypropylene or nylon.

What is artificial turf made of? That depends. There are several synthetic fibers that are popular for putting green turf, each with distinct uses to make them suited to different applications.

Nylon Artificial

Nylon artificial models, made of durable materials, allow for longevity. It easily withstands lots of foot traffic and is fire-resistant, making it excellent for indoor putting greens. However, when using nylon outside, sun exposure may cause fading.

Polyethylene Artificial

Polyethylene is a soft fiber material, created from recycled plastic, and makes for a durable putting green. It’s best for outdoor putting greens as it won’t fade in the sun. In addition, using Polyethylene also keeps the price of a putting green product down.

Popular Types of Putting Greens

Before you make a purchase, consider the type best suited to your golf goals.

Backyard Putting Greens

Backyard options are mostly under 500 square feet. Usually, these are made from artificial materials. As such, they’re perfect for residential use for one golfer to practice on.  Big Moss offers excellent options for the backyard, such as the Big Moss Outdoor Target Green. Particularly, it provides a great value and affordable price for a backyard putting green.

Check out more of Big Moss Putting Greens‘ excellent backyard putting greens.

Indoor Putting Greens

If you’re without adequate backyard space, don’t fret! Many putting greens are available in indoor options too. For example, the Tour Links 4’x10′ can be used wherever you can find space! Likewise, using this putting green indoors can help you enhance your putting to lower your golf score.

Tour Links Putting Greens offers many other indoor/outdoor putting greens of different sizes.

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