OptiShot Golf Simulators

Located in Michigan, OptiShot manufactures golf simulator packages with the software and equipment you need to get started. The company was started by a team of avid golfers who sought to make an affordable option for in-home golf simulators. With the belief that golf simulators offer a fun way to advance skills, the OptiShot brand was launched.

OptiShot offers several great products for golfers of every skill level. The company’s “golf in a box” bundles leave no questions asked, offering everything you need to get started in one place. Unlike other brands that only offer equipment without software, OptiShot is an excellent choice for customers who want an easier option.

OptiShot Golf Simulator Options

OptiShot Golf in a Box 2 Simulator

The OptiShot Golf in a Box 2 Simulator model is one of the most popular and affordable home golf simulators. This package comes with a pro series net return, hitting mat, and OptiShot software. Not to mention, the innovative software includes 15 different virtual courses to test your skills on. In addition, four players can put their skills up to the test at once!

Using this golf simulator indoors means you can practice day or night, rain or shine. Additionally, OptiShot has made installation and assembly of this golf simulator a breeze with no tools required.

OptiShot Golf in a Box 3 Simulator

The OptiShot Golf in a Box 3 Simulator is one step up from the “box 2” option. Along with amazing features included in the Golf in a Box 2, the Golf in a Box 3 also includes the HD projector and attachable impact screen.

Besides this, this golf simulator offers instant shot feedback to help you keep track of your strengths and weaknesses.

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