Hitting Mats

Golf hitting mats are a must-have for any golfer looking to practice at home. Many golfers want to practice at home into a net but need turf that mimics a real golf course. That’s where golf mats come into play!

Practicing on indoor floorings, such as hardwood floors or carpet, can cause damage to both your golf clubs and your floors. Not to mention, you won’t get the same swing as swinging off of the turf. Today, many golf mats feature technology designed to absorb impact and provide the ability for a realistic golf swing.

Hitting mats can also be used outdoors in your backyard or at a driving range. If you’re serious about improving your game, investing in a golf mat may be the answer. The great thing about a golf mat is its durable materials can withstand thousands of shots.

At GolfStoreSupply, we offer only the best in golf hitting mats. Check out some of the most popular models below.

Fiberbuilt Golf Hitting Mats

Fiberbuilt Golf Mats offer several sizes and types to choose from. Many of its golf mats also are top-rated due to the 300,000 hit guarantee. The company is surely confident in the longevity of its mats! We think Fiberbuilt is one of the best manufacturers of golf mats for both personal and commercial settings.

Fiberbuilt does not use standard turf. Instead, they use a patented material that absorbs shock and helps prevent injuries. Also, there are different product lines to choose from when selecting a Fiberbuilt Golf Mat.

Fiberbuilt Grass Series

The Fiberbuilt Grass Series, the company’s most advanced series, is used at some of the best driving ranges and golf facilities around the country. The rubber base design feels good on the foot while absorbing shock during your swing.

Fiberbuilt Studio Series

The Fiberbuilt Studio Series is designed for golf studios or home users looking for larger options. Both center-hitting and double-hitting mats are available. In addition, this series is made to accommodate both right and left-handed golfers.

Fiberbuilt Player Preferred Series Hitting Mat

The Player Preferred Series uses a pure impact turf, the newest in premium golf-hitting surfaces. This product line was designed for golfers who are serious about improving their game.

TrueStike Golf Hitting Mats

Like Fiberbuilt, TrueStrike Golf Mats are big players in the golf hitting mat market. They offer six different configurations for golf practice. This includes double-hitting mats, single-hitting mats, and portable hitting mats.

Unlike poor-quality golf mats, TrueStrike’s mats work to dissipate shock and eliminate golf ball bouncing.  In addition, if you need to replace a part of your mat, the modular design makes it easy. TrueStrike offers replacement sections, a great option for driving ranges and golf facilities.

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