Launch Monitors

Golf Launch Monitors use Doppler technology or cameras to track your golf shots. In turn, this allows players to track their improvement and find areas of weakness. Recently, golf launch monitors have evolved, allowing for even more tracking metrics than standard measurements such as a ball or swing speed.

Golfers who want to improve show excellent success when using golf launch monitors. From golf professionals to newbies, every golfer can benefit from tracking data. Many compact and portable models offer the flexibility to travel from course to course.

As technology advances, so do golf launch monitors. When you purchase a one from a trusted Golf Store Supply brand, you can count on superior accuracy. From the launch angle to the smash factor, using a monitor provides crucial statistics to help you perform better on the course.

Types of Golf Launch Monitors

Radar-based Golf Launch Monitors

Some models use radar technology to record the motion of the ball. Using advanced features, the radar system automatically detects differences between electromagnetic waves received and emitted. This offers a very accurate and precise measurement of your golf ball.

FlightScope Golf Launch Monitors offer many models that utilize radar technology. For example, the FlightScope Mevo Plus is one of their top models with amazing radar technology.

Ernest Sports Launch Monitors also offer many models with 3D Doppler Radar technology.

Radar-based models are best for outdoor golfers. Many are easy to transport and take on the go.

Camera-based Golf Launch Monitors

Unlike radar-based options, camera-based golf launch monitors rely on the camera tracking of the golf ball. Using high-speed cameras, multiple images are taken in seconds throughout the swing. The complex software can then analyze these images, providing exceptionally accurate golf data.

This type is generally best for indoor spaces, especially for commercial settings. They require more room than a portable radar-based golf launch monitor.

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