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Ernest Sports, a top brand of golf launch monitors and simulators, designs and manufactures its products in the U.S.A. Since 2012, the company’s mission has been dedicated to enhancing the golf performance of its customers. The brand was started by Joe Ernest, a businessman with a passion for golf.

This vision emerged as he learned the importance of tracking golf balls to improve performance. As such, he became personally invested in creating a personal launch monitor designed to help golfers like himself improve their skills.

Beyond its status as the creator of the first personal golf launch monitor, Ernest Sports sets itself apart through its design and testing process. The company designs, builds, and thoroughly tests all of its products in their Norcross, Georiga headquarters.

Popular Ernest Sports Golf Launch Monitors

Ernest Sports ES12 Golf Launch Monitor

Ernest Sports ES12 Golf Launch Monitor provides golfers with the data and analytics needed to improve their golf skills in no time. This model, perfect for players of any skill level, tracks the most important metrics. The compact size of this golf launch monitor also makes it easy to travel with.

However, don’t let the size fool you! While its size is compact, the ES12 Golf Launch Monitor offers accurate analytics that matter. The advanced technology pairs directly via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet, making your data visible at all times. See for yourself how this golf launch monitor can help you improve your game!

Ernest Sports ESB1 Golf Launch Monitor

If the ES12 Golf Launch is too basic for your golf needs, Ernest Sports offers one step up in the ESB1 Golf Launch Monitor. This golf launch monitor uses 3D Doppler radar technology to give golfers instant tracking data on every shot.

The ESB1 tracks six important components that matter to improving your golf game. These six factors include ball speed, club speed, distance, smash factor, spin rate, and launch angle. In addition, this model offers innovative voice technology, allowing you to use your voice for simple commands.

Ernest Sports ES15 Range Golf Launch Monitor

This top-end golf launch monitor is used by both advanced players and many commercial facilities. The Ernest Sports ES15 Range Golf Launch Monitor encompasses the best technology around for launch monitors. The long-lasting rechargeable battery offers 140 hours of use on a single charge!

There’s no golf data that this golf launch monitor cannot track. You’ll get access to both visual data as well as voice data. Golfers get immediate auto feedback in-ear so they can keep improving, shot after shot.

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