Cart Tek Golf Carts

Cart Tek offers some of the best electric golf carts on the market. Featuring an extensive product offering of remote control caddies and electric golf carts, avid golfers love Cart Tek. The company strives to help take a load off every golfer’s back with their spacious golf carts. Don’t lug your clubs around the course!

In addition to the ability to carry around all of your golfing supplies, Cart Tek emphasizes the importance of physical health. To avoid damage to your muscles, use an electric golf cart instead of having to push and pull a manual golf cart.

Cart Tek’s engineers focus on both superior product design and excellent quality. Using the best Lithium batteries for its electric golf carts makes a huge difference when golfers are out on the course. See for yourself how a Cart Tek can make your life easier and keep you in tip-top golf condition.

Popular Cart Tek Golf Carts

Cart Tek GRi-975 Lithium Electric Golf Cart

Don’t worry about running out of charge while you’re on the course with the Cart Tek GRi-975 Lithium Electric Golf Cart. This electric cart has you covered for up to 36 holes. Additionally, when it comes time to charge, it only takes three to four hours!

All electrical cables and components are enclosed in a waterproof casing, which means you can use your cart in any weather. Even better, hills and steep courses are no cause for alarm. Let this Cart Tek GRi-975 cart take a load off your back and muscles.

Cart Tek GRI-1500LI V2 Electric Golf Cart

Want even more features? Check out the Cart Tek GRI-1500 LI V2 Electric Golf Cart with advanced technology. This electric golf cart has recently been improved with a second version, as it’s Cart Tek’s best-selling model. Now, this electric golf cart offers a wireless remote function as well as improved ergonomics.

Active steer assist technology makes operating this electric golf cart a breeze. After all, the goal of purchasing an electric golf cart is to make your time out on the course even better.

Cart Tek GRi 1500LTD Remote Lithium Electric Cart

Featuring dual motors, you’ll love the power you get out of the Cart Tek GRi 1500 LTD Remote Lithium Electric Cart. Not only does this cart offer power, but it excels in longevity. Serious and avid golfers choose this cart with the expectation for it to last over 500+ charging cycles.

Additionally, this Cart Tek model comes with a one-year warranty on the cart itself, plus two years on the lithium battery.

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