Bushnell Rangefinders

Bushnell manufactures the same rangefinders the pro golfers use! Around 98% of PGA Tour players use this high-quality brand thanks to their trusted technology and durability. For over 65 years, Bushnell leads the industry with exceptional golf products.

As a company, its mission is to focus on affordability in sports optics products and focus on customer service. Hence, the company has gained a solid reputation.

In 2017, Bushnell Golf first developed a combination GPS and laser golf device, bringing golfers’ practice up to the next level. Bushnell is most well-known for its innovative golf rangefinders. However, Bushnell also offers accessories and launch monitors. You’re sure to find a golf rangefinder that meets your needs!

Popular Bushnell Golf Rangefinders

Bushnell Tour V5 Golf Rangefinder

The Bushnell Tour V5 Golf Rangefinder is the perfect entry-level rangefinder or rangefinder for a golfer on a budget. Jam-packed with amazing features for an affordable price, the V5 is quite impressive. Not to mention, the tested technology allows for accurate measurements, every time.

When you purchase V5 Golf Rangefinder, you’ll get Bushnell’s exceptional product warranty. The two-year warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship. Working with Bushnell Tour’s customer service team is a breeze. If you want troubleshooting support when purchasing a golf rangefinder, Bushnell’s for you.

Bushnell Pro XE Golf Rangefinder

Bushnell’s Pro XE Golf Rangefinder is one of its more advanced models. This golf rangefinder would make a stunning holiday gift for your favorite golf lover. It features slope-switch technology, allowing the golfer to easily switch modes. The water-proof and durable materials on the exterior can safely be used in any weather conditions.

When you’ve locked the laser onto the flag, the Bushnell Pro XE Golf Rangefinder vibrates to assist the golfer. This golf rangefinder encompasses everything you’re looking for in a rangefinder!

Bushnell Hybrid Laser Golf Rangefinder & GPS

The combination of a traditional rangefinder laser plus a GPS makes this Bushnell Hybrid Laser Golf Rangefinder GPS unique. This rangefinder comes preloaded with over 36,000 courses to play on in 30 different countries. Surely, you’ll find the course you’re looking for.

In addition, Bluetooth technology helps keep courses up-to-date, so you can accurately measure hole distance no matter where you go. Additionally, the precise distance is guaranteed to be plus or minus one yard. Thus, golfers trust this rangefinder to help improve their shot accuracy.

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