Big Moss Putting Greens

Founded in 1998, Big Moss abides by the same company mission today. Its mission is to deliver its customers affordable, portable, and high-quality putting greens. Furthermore, the company focuses on simulating realistic golf conditions to help players enhance their golf skills. After all, practice surely does make perfect!

Big Moss putting greens are used in every setting imaginable, including both residential and commercial settings. Whether you’re looking for an indoor or outdoor putting green, Big Moss has something for every golf enthusiast.  Their wide range of products includes chipping greens, putting greens, as well as training greens.

Not only is Big Moss a “big name” in the putting green industry, but they’re also approved by top golf organizations. PGA Major Champions and PGA National Teacher of the year have endorsed Big Moss putting greens. However, don’t let this fool you! Big Moss offers exceptional golf putting greens for newbie and beginner golf players too.

Popular Big Moss Putting Greens

Big Moss Original EX2 V2 Golf Putting Green

The Original Big Moss EX2 V2 Golf Putting Green features an extended 3′ by 15′ length for putting and chipping. Designed to fit well into tight spaces, this indoor practice putting green is a great way to perfect your skills.

Each EX2 V2 Golf Putting Green comes with everything you need to get started. The only thing you’ll still need is your golf clubs! Each putting green comes with a chipping mat, break pages, cup sleeves, chipping balls, and more.

Big Moss Outdoor Target Green 6’x15′

Want to improve your golf skills outside? The Big Moss Outdoor Target Green 6’x15′ putting green transforms your backyard into a practice arena. Practice your pitching, chipping, and putting all in one putting green. For golf beginners looking to lower their scores, this outdoor green offers an excellent investment.

Another great thing about the Outdoor Target Green 6’x15′ is its enhanced durability. This putting green is durable enough to leave outdoors all year round, without having to store it inside. This outdoor putting green is suitable for golf lovers of any skill level.

Big Moss Long Putt 60ft Golf Putting Green V2

The Big Moss Long Putt 60ft Golf Putting Green V2 breaks into two pieces for easy portability. The length of this putting green makes it excellent for realistic golf practice. Plus, many golf enthusiasts use this type of long-putting green for contests and trade shows. This version has recently been enhanced by Big Moss, with an upgraded chipping mat.

Longer putting greens such as this model are a solid choice to help you improve your golf putt. The durable material of this putting green is made to withstand lots of foot traffic without showing wear.

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